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Pack the Court? A Debate

You know how high the stakes are when it comes to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Now tune in to this debate on a big new idea that could dramatically reshape the Court—and American politics, law, and culture.

The idea? Restructing the Supreme Court by adding new justices. In other words, “court packing.”

Here, two of our country’s top legal minds debate this controversial subject.

One debater is the man behind the proposals to restructure the Supreme Court that have put court packing back on the political agenda: law professor Daniel Epps.

Debating Epps is Cato Institute constitutional scholar (and ISI alumnus) Ilya Shapiro.

Could a court-packing plan really happen? Is it even constitutional? And if restructuring the Supreme Court did happen, how would it reshape our political and legal landscape? Get answers here.

This debate, part of the Diana Davis Spencer Debate Series, was . It was presented for students at the University of Texas–Austin by the Austin Institute and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

This event, recorded January 28, 2021, is part of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Diana Davis Spencer Debate Series. ISI presented this debate for students at the University of Texas–Austin in conjunction with the Austin Institute.

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