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For more than 35 years, ISI’s Collegiate Network has supported independent college newspapers, magazines, and journals that report on important campus issues ignored by the mainstream media.

ISI Collegiate Network student journalists focus public awareness on the politicization of American college classrooms, curricula, and student life. They raise the level of discourse on campus and provide an outlet for students to keep university faculty and administrations honest.

ISI’s Collegiate Network supports more than 50 student-run publications across the country, including the Dartmouth Review, the UPenn Statesman, the Lone Conservative, and the Claremont Independent.

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When you join the ISI’s Collegiate Network, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Receive grant funding for your publication
• Attend the annual ISI Collegiate Network Editors Conference
• Have major stories picked up by national media outlets
• Land summer internships or yearlong fellowships at national media outlets

Prominent alumni

Many influential figures have come through ISI’s Collegiate Network, including:

Peter Thiel, investor, philanthropist, bestselling author
Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court justice
Ann Coulter, bestselling author and columnist
Jonathan Karl, ABC News chief White House correspondent
Ross Douthat, New York Times columnist
Marc Thiessen, syndicated columnist, former chief presidential speechwriter
Elise Viebeck, Washington Post national reporter
Rich Lowry, National Review editor

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