Upcoming Events

ISI hosts educational conferences and other events all around the country. Here’s what’s coming up next.

Professional Reporting Course

July 10-12, 2020

An invitation-only crash course in reporting for ISI Collegiate Network editors and writers

Conservative Conversations with ISI: Oren Cass and Victor Claar

July 15, 2020
7 p.m. ET

Is free trade good for the poor? Leading thinkers Oren Cass and Victor Claar debate this important question July 15.

ISI’s 2020 Honors Program Summer Conference

July 19-26, 2020

An immersive intellectual experience like no other.

Conservative Conversations with ISI: Amity Shlaes

August 05, 2020
7 p.m. ET

The leading historian of the the Great Depression and the Great Society explains the lessons our policymakers are ignoring...

Conservative Conversations with ISI: Charles R. Kesler

August 26, 2020
7 p.m. ET

How much liberty are you prepared to renounce in the current crisis?

ISI Collegiate Network 2020 Editors’ Conference

September 11-13, 2020
Omni Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

An invitation-only conference for ISI Collegiate Network editors