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Your time at college is too important to feel isolated or attacked for questioning the ever-narrowing range of debate on campus. Get the education you deserve.

  • Explore intellectual conservatism
  • Join a vibrant community of students and scholars
  • Defend your principles

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If you’re not a student, you can still join the ISI community. Faculty can join here, and ISI alumni can update their membership here.

Fill the void in your education

Ever felt uncomfortable sharing your ideas or opinions in the classroom? Or frustrated with the narrow range of discussion on campus?

You’re not alone.

Most thoughtful college students* are sick of getting a shallow education in which too many viewpoints are shut out and rigorous discussion is shut down.

We know what it’s like to be attacked for what you believe in, for asking probing questions, for wanting rich discussion and debate, and for wanting to know the truth. We teach you the principles of liberty and plug you into a vibrant intellectual community so that you get the collegiate experience you hunger for.

Since 1953 the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) has been cultivating a community of conservative-minded thinkers and keeping alive the timeless ideas and questions that higher education ignores. With ISI, you will explore intellectual conservatism in a vibrant community of students and scholars.

Join the community, meet like-minded friends, and defend your principles.

* If you’re not a student, you can still join the ISI community. Faculty can join here, and ISI alumni can update their membership here.

Benefits of Membership

  • A free copy of the ebook The American Cause by the great conservative thinker Russell Kirk*
  • A free digital issue of Modern Age, the premier journal of intellectual conservatism*
  • A carefully curated selection of short but illuminating videos, audio clips, and articles
  • ISI’s weekly email: your handpicked collection of the best of conservative thought from around the web, delivered to your inbox
  • Access to a community of like-minded students and professors
  • Invitations to attend ISI conferences and other events around the country
  • Scholarship, fellowship, and internship opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities with ISI campus chapters and student newspapers

* available to current undergraduate and graduate students only


“ISI has given me opportunities I never dreamed of while providing me with an intellectual experience like no other.”
- Maria Biery, University of Pennsylvania
“In a time of rancorous, divisive political discourse, ISI continues to help students thoughtfully engage in deep discussions about important issues.”
- Benjamin Rolsma, University of Wisconsin
“I’m grateful for the instruction I received at Harvard, but my education would not have been complete without ISI.”
- James Holt, Harvard alumnus

Four Years Goes Fast

Don’t waste your college experience. It’s too important.

Explore intellectual conservatism
Meet like-minded friends and mentors
Defend your principles

Get the collegiate experience you hunger for