ISI Honors Program

The ISI Honors Program is a highly selective yearlong fellowship that takes you deep into the traditions of liberty. It’s an intellectually immersive experience like no other.

ISI Honors Scholars

Imagine gathering with top college students from across the nation for an in-depth, weeklong (and all-expenses-paid) summer conference.

Imagine learning from, being mentored by, and forming friendships with leading professors from many different colleges across many disciplines.

Imagine being invited to exclusive weekend seminars.

Imagine forming lifelong friendships with like-minded, intellectually curious students.

Imagine joining an alumni network that includes scholars, authors, government officials, journalists, attorneys, judges, and more.

That’s what the ISI Honors Program is all about.

Honors Scholars

Honors Scholars attend an immersive weeklong summer conference with some of the best conservative students and scholars in the country.

Alumni of the ISI Honors Program point to this formative intellectual experience where they made lifelong friends.

“The preparation I received from this organization and specifically this program is invaluable to me as I progress through college and life, defending the principles I hold dear.”
- Emily Kaib, Vanderbilt University, Class of 2021
“One of the most formational intellectual experiences I’ve ever had.”
- Aurora Griffin, Rhodes Scholar
“I discovered an intellectual home at ISI and made lasting friendships. The Honors Program was life changing.”
- Connor Mighell, Baylor University
“I can’t think of another place where I’ve encountered so many high-caliber conservative students.”
- Tyler Dobbs, Harvard University

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