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Maybe you can’t express your beliefs freely on campus or ask certain questions in the classroom.

Maybe you want to learn about the American Founding, Western civilization, and intellectual conservatism but risk being ostracized for doing so.

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If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable sharing your ideas or opinions in the classroom, or felt frustrated with the narrow range of discussion on campus, you need to understand two things:

You’re not alone.

And it doesn’t need to be this way.

We hear you. And we’re here for you.

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Upcoming Conferences & Debates

Oct 30

Debate: Is Trumpism Good for America?

A debate featuring Max Boot and Stephen Moore, moderated by Marc Thiessen.

Nov 6

The Divine Plan: A Special Screening for Friends of ISI

Join ISI for a private screening of the new documentary film on Reagan and John Paul II

“ISI has given me opportunities I never dreamed of while providing me with an intellectual experience like no other.”
- Maria Biery, University of Pennsylvania
“ISI gave me an education that even Harvard couldn’t.”
- Christopher Lacaria, Harvard alumnus
“ISI is a treasure trove for jaded students who seek the intellectual stimulation many colleges fail to provide.”
- Marlo Safi, University of Pittsburgh
“ISI’s ability to create an environment of intellectual endeavor and attract the smartest young people I’ve ever met is unparalleled.”
- Seth Nightengale, University of Oklahoma

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