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How to Fix the American Economy: A Debate

Are free markets enough? Do they really give us what we want and need?

Maybe you think these questions are long overdue. Or maybe you think it is absurd even to ask them.

No matter where you stand, you’ll want to tune in to this debate.

You will hear from Julius Krein, editor of American Affairs. Krein and his upstart journal call on conservatives to reject free-market “fundamentalism.”

Debating Krein is Scott Lincicome, the Cato Institute’s senior fellow in economic studies. Lincicome is an outspoken critic of “populist interventionism”—the kind Julius Krein favors.

This debate gives you an inside look at the big ideas that not only are reshaping conservatism . . .

. . . but also could reshape the American economy.

This event, part of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Diana Davis Spencer Debate Series, was recorded live on March 24, 2021.

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