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Conservative Conversations with ISI: Allen C. Guelzo

The War on History—and Why It Matters

Make Sense of the Toppling of Statues with Award-Winning Historian Allen Guelzo

Cancel culture is coming for America’s past.

You’ve seen the statues torn down and schools renamed. But now it’s not just Confederate generals. Even Abraham Lincoln, widely considered America’s greatest president, has come under fire.

And the American Founders? Good luck trying to defend them these days.

How did we get here? When did American history turn into a tale of uninterrupted oppression? And how can you refute these radical accounts . . . without whitewashing the past?

Here to answer these questions is eminent historian Allen C. Guelzo.

Professor Guelzo is one of the foremost experts on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. In this episode of Conservative Conversations with ISI, he gives you a balanced and informed view of history—the kind you don’t get from most academics or the media anymore.

And you will learn how to counter the escalating attacks on America’s past.

Recorded January 19, 2021.

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