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When the state comes for your kids

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When the State Comes for Your Kids

How far would you go to protect your family?

That’s the question Ahmed faced last October when he almost lost custody of his 16-year-old son, Syed.

Ahmed and his wife checked Syed into the hospital for credible threats of suicide. After only a few days, hospital workers determined what was wrong . . .

They told Ahmed to “take [his] ‘daughter’ to the gender clinic” to begin the process of transitioning.

Ahmed was certain gender dysphoria was not the cause of Syed’s struggles. But after talking with a psychiatrist and with a lawyer he trusted, Ahmed discovered something chilling:

If he even hinted that he disagreed with the hospital’s assessment, he could lose custody of his child.

It’s Happening All Over the Country

Writing for City Journal, Abigail Shrier tells the stories of parents who lost or nearly lost their parental rights because they dared to question the new orthodoxy on gender.

Ahmed played along long enough to get his son out of the hospital. Then he quit his job and moved his family to another state.

You may think that’s a little extreme. But read Shrier’s piece and you might just change your mind.



Why R. R. Reno Stopped Hiring Ivy League Graduates

Ten years ago, First Things editor R. R. Reno relished the opportunity to hire a graduate of an Ivy League university.

Today, not so much.

Reno knows that these students are smart, talented, and ambitious . . .

 . . . but he finds that elite universities have made them less equipped for the working world than they were before they attended.

Read his Wall Street Journal op-ed to see just what students are learning in our most prestigious universities.

Reno also asks a question few have considered:

Where have the role models gone?

Reno’s new hiring practice is making a lot of waves, even among some conservatives. Check it out now.


Because our student editors and writers are bravely bringing conservative ideas to their campuses, we’re highlighting their efforts here.

What It Means to Fly Old Glory via Lone Conservative

Students Fight COVID Vaccine Mandate via the Freedom Feather




This Is You, on the Wrong Side of History

If you’re a conservative, at some point you’ve probably been told that you’re “on the wrong side of history.”

It’s a popular phrase for the left.

It’s also utter nonsense.

As ISI managing editor Anthony Sacramone points out:

“Confusing what you think immediately, politically desirable with the Will of History, Evolution, or God is almost certainly an excuse to stop thinking altogether.”

So how should you respond the next time someone tells you you’re on the wrong side of history?

Sacramone has a few suggestions.

This article is full of his sharp, witty prose. You don’t want to miss it.


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“There can be no true humility and no true compassion where there is no courage.”
―Whittaker Chambers, Witness


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