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William Kristol


Things to know about William

William Kristol is one of America’s most prominent political commentators. He is the founder and editor of the Weekly Standard and regularly appears on Fox News. But Kristol got his start in the academy—with the help of an ISI Weaver Fellowship.

He earned his Weaver Fellowship while working toward a doctorate in government at Harvard University. Completing his Ph.D. in 1979, he taught at both Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. After several years of teaching, he transitioned to government, becoming chief of staff to Secretary of Education William J. Bennett during the Reagan administration. He went on to be chief of staff to Vice President Dan Quayle before starting the Weekly Standard.

“I’m grateful to have been a Weaver Fellow,” says Kristol. ISI’s serious treatment of “many different strands of conservative thought,” he says, “makes it a particularly useful and admirable educational source.”

ISI is “a particularly useful and admirable educational source.”