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Ross Douthat


Things to know about Ross

Ross Douthat has made quite a name for himself as the youngest op-ed columnist in the history of the New York Times and a popular author. Little more than a decade ago, he was making his talents known as an ISI leader.

As an undergraduate at Harvard, Ross was editor of the Harvard Salient, a leading publication in ISI’s Collegiate Network. His work at the Salient earned him an internship with National Review, where today he serves as contributing editor. And as an ISI campus leader he brought many top students into the ISI fold.

The ISI connection has endured. Ross speaks for ISI on campuses across the country, and he has written for various ISI publications. In 2010 he contributed a brilliant introduction to ISI’s new critical edition of Robert Nisbet’s Quest for Community, one of the most important works of the postwar conservative intellectual movement.