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Saint George Killing the Dragon


The horse and rider dominate the field,
dark green.  The dragon, lizard-like, impaled,
lies supine; George’s banner, cross, and shield,
his lance, the horse’s prancing, have prevailed.

Their witness is a princess, kneeling, crowned,
at left.  Hands clasped in prayer, she holds a small
white lamb.  A city occupies the ground
beyond, at right, with towers, Norman wall.

The triumph rids the land of something base.
The curlicues and flowers that adorn
the border illustrate its native grace.
They frame a virgin and a unicorn.

Catharine Savage Brosman is professor emerita of French at Tulane University and the author of Chained Tree, Chained Owls: Poems and a critical work, Mississippi Poets: A Literary Guide.

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