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Confessions of a bibliophile’s Kindle conversion

As a typical ISI student, I am an avid reader and I believe there is no such thing as having too many books.  So naturally, when I first saw an e-reader in use, I scoffed and said, “I will never own one!” 

Well, crow doesn’t taste so good.

My cousin once noticed how much I was reading and later surprised me with an Amazon Kindle delivery.  Skeptically I began to use it and now I’m hooked.  In fact, I cannot imagine life without it.

No, I am not being compensated to write this article and I still love my real books.  I’m like a kid in a candy store in libraries and bookstores because I adore the smell, look and feel of books.  Nothing beats actually turning pages and I am powerless to resist a used book sale. 

And when I walk into a professor’s tome-lined office, call me crazy, but I feel a weird sense of reverence. 

Yet, my Kindle has made life so easy. I once packed an extra bag filled with books when I traveled.  My backpack bulged with volumes beyond my textbooks for class.  I also enjoy receiving daily newspapers on my Kindle. 

I have everything I need, all in one little black imitation leather book-like case I can hold in the palm of my hand.

When I stumbled upon the complete collection of G.K. Chesterton (did I mention it fits in one hand?), my conversion was sealed.  It doesn’t matter that I’m of the generation who should take for granted having such technology at my fingertips, I’m still awed by the ease of such an invention.  Next time new technology comes out, I won’t be so quick to dismiss it.  

At least not until I’ve tried it!

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