Little Platoon Seminar: The Principle of Equality and the Telē of Human Beings and Society

April 19-19, 2023
University of Dallas, SBH Serafy Special Events Room
5:00 PM CST

How Does Equality Relate to the Other Virtues?

The value of equality is a cornerstone of modern politics and forms the basis for many rights-claims. But, “equality” is said in many ways, and each version of equality is in conflict with the others. In this seminar, students at the University of Dallas are invited to discuss the history of the principles of equality, and the role of equality in a society that secures individual rights while promoting genuine happiness and the common good.


All students will receive a copy of Phillipe Bénéton’s Equality by Default, which they will read ahead of the seminar. Dinner will be provided at Whiskey Cake in Las Colinas!

Reach out to Tom Sarrouf at with any questions or concerns. 

Marcus Otte

Dr. Marcus Otte is an affiliate professor at the University of Dallas. He has also taught as a professor at St. John’s Seminary, in Boston. He holds a PhD in philosophy from Boston College, and an M.A. in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Central Florida. His research and teaching interests include the metaphysics of the human person, natural theology, and the relation between faith and reason.