ISI’s 70th Anniversary Gala

September 28-28, 2023
Linda L. Bean Conference Center at ISI headquarters in Wilmington


On September 28th, we will celebrate ISI’s 70th Anniversary and dedicate our new Linda L. Bean Conference Center at ISI headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Over the years, ISI has provided many unique opportunities to hear from some of the most important conservative voices of our time. 

But we can truly tell you today that this opportunity is the most intimate, exclusive, and interactive that ISI has ever offered. 

This fall, join us at our 70th Anniversary Gala featuring Tucker Carlson, Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, and Linda Bean, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Together these are some of the most influential figures in America today. 

We will also host a pre-event panel at 4 pm on the lawn featuring longtime friends of ISI including Annette Kirk (Russell Kirk Center), Gene Meyer (The Federalist Society), Ed Feulner (The Heritage Foundation), and Dan McCarthy (ISI), discussing the 70th anniversary of three conservative classics: Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind, Leo Strauss’ Natural Right and History, and Robert Nisbet’s The Quest for Community.  

This is no ordinary evening. 

We will have a lobster dinner in honor of Tucker and Linda’s mutual connection to the state of Maine and seating will be limited to 150 guests. Our VIP ticket holders will have the chance to meet ISI trustees and event speakers in a private reception beforehand.  

Linda Bean’s generosity and passion for American history and culture made our new conference center possible and, without her, we would not have the chance to offer you this incredible evening. 

Reserve your tickets below. 





Linda L. Bean Conference Center at ISI’s Campus


Modern Age Panel: 4:30-5:15 p.m. (outdoors)

Reception: 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Ribbon Cutting: 6:30-7:00 p.m.

Evening Events: 7:00-9:45 p.m.

Afterparty: 9:45-11:30 p.m.


Black Tie


Hotel du Pont, Wilmington DE
Book your room using this link. Guests can also call the hotel directly(302-594-3100).

A shuttle will be provided from Hotel DuPont to ISI.

Online ticket purchases are no longer available. Please call (302) 652-4600 for inquiries.