Gateway to Statesmanship Book Launch with Johnny Burtka

February 22-22, 2024
Linda L. Bean Conference Center
6 - 8 pm

Join us for an enlightening evening at the Linda L. Bean Conference Center as we celebrate the launch of the much-anticipated book, “Gateway to Statesmanship.” This event starts at 6:00 PM with a welcoming reception, offering a chance to mingle, enjoy refreshments, and prepare for an evening of intellectual discussion.

As the reception winds down, we transition into a compelling panel discussion featuring Enrique Pallares and Joseph Prud’homme, renowned for their deep insights into political and philosophical thought. This discussion will delve into the book’s exploration of statesmanship, not just as a political art but as a comprehensive study of human thought and action.

“Gateway to Statesmanship,” introduced by John A. Burtka, president of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, is a collection that traverses time and thought. Featuring works from Xenophon to Winston Churchill, this book illuminates the path to statesmanship through the wisdom of the ages. It emphasizes the crucial role of difficult choices and character formation, offering readers a rich tapestry of perspectives on leadership and personal development.

This event is not just a book launch; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey through history, philosophy, and the art of leadership. Whether you are a student of politics, a professional in leadership, or simply an individual intrigued by the depth of human potential, “Gateway to Statesmanship” offers a window into the understanding of what it truly means to lead.

Join us for this memorable evening. Let’s explore together the lessons of the past and their relevance to our present and future.

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Johnny Burtka

John A. Burtka IV is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. He graduated from Hillsdale College with degrees in French and Christian Studies and earned a graduate degree in theology from La Faculté Jean Calvin in Aix-en-Provence, France. Johnny began his career at ISI, where he served as a development officer. He returned to ISI after four years at The American Conservative magazine, where he served as Executive Director and Acting Editor. Johnny has appeared on Fox News and Fox Business and written for the Washington Post, the Richmond Times-DispatchFirst Things, the American Mind, and the Intercollegiate Review, among other publications. He has been a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute and has participated in academic fellowships at Washington College and the Trinity Forum. Johnny lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Amanda.

Enrique Pallares

Enrique Pallares is a political theorist who specializes in the history of ideas, modernity, liberalism, continental philosophy, ideology and totalitarianism, and the relationship between transcendence and the symbolic articulations of order in history. He holds a B.A. in Literature and Philosophy from The New School University in New York and a Ph.D. in Political Theory from The Catholic University of America, where he has taught in the Politics Department and in the School of Philosophy. Dr. Pallares is finishing a book manuscript on the concept of the person in modernity, with a particular focus on the work of Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno, and is working on a book project on the political philosophy of the Spanish liberal tradition. He is a Fellow at the Institute for Religion, Politics, and Culture at Washington College and a Research Associate at The Catholic University of America. He is originally from Ecuador, has lived in Argentina and Spain, and is the co-founder of Casa Carmen—a farm, winery, and vermouth producer in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania, where he lives with his family.

Joseph Prud'homme

Joseph Prud’homme is the Burton Family Chair in Religion, Politics, and Culture and Associate Professor of Political Science and Affiliated Faculty member in Religious Studies. Professor Prud’homme is the founding Director of the Institute for Religion, Politics, and Culture at Washington College. He received his doctorate from Princeton University, where he studied in the Interdepartmental Program in Political Philosophy, with additional specialization in constitutional law and religious studies. He was awarded a Fellowship at Harvard University, where he studied at the Harvard Law School and served as a member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He has also held a Visiting Fellowship at the University of Oxford.

Professor Prud’homme works in the areas of political philosophy, legal theory, intellectual history and religious studies. He has published numerous works in these fields, including the books Religion and Politics in America from the Colonial Period to the Civil War; Curriculum and the Culture Wars: Debating the Bible’s Place in Public Schools (with Melissa Deckman of Washington College); State Religious Education and the State of Religious Life (with Liam Gearon of the University of Oxford); the chapter on Religion and Education for the Palgrave Handbook on Religion and the State; and numerous peer-reviewed articles.

He teaches political theory, constitutional law, and Western religious traditions. He earned two bachelor’s degrees with three majors and a minor at Texas A&M University, where he graduated magna cum laude and with an honors certificate. He directs a partnership between Washington College and the University of Oxford. He is also a frequent guest lecturer.

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