Art & the Moral Imagination: To and Through The Waste Land

July 15, 2022
7pm EDT

T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land is a defining poetic work of the modern era. It is also difficult, even overwhelming, in its use of references, varying voices, non-linear narrative, and juxtaposing imagery. Few poems have been as much discussed, loved, reviled, and denounced, and few offer such a clear description of their own age as The Waste Land. Join ISI as we explore Eliot’s poem, as well as the era in which he wrote it–an era that offers the keys for understanding our own fractured times. This course will include a deep dive into The Waste Land, with connection points to prominent Modern musicians and painters, as well as other literary figures, and will prepare students to approach and appreciate this and other Modernist works of art. Each class will include a Q&A time, as well as recommended reading and supplemental materials from musical compositions to paintings and engravings. 

Course Dates: 

June 23rd: 7pm

July 7th: 7pm

July 21st: 7pm

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Jane Scharl

J.C. Scharl is a poet and critic. Her poetry has appeared in many American and European outlets, including the BBC, The Hudson Review, The New Ohio Review, The American Journal of Poetry, The Lamp, Measure Review, and others. Her criticism has appeared in Dappled Things, Fare Forward, Plough Quarterly, and others. She is a Senior Editor at The European Conservative. See samples of her work at, and on Twitter @jcscharl.