A Tale of Five Cities: Alabama Student Conference

June 02-07, 2019
Montgomery, AL

A Tale of Five Cities: Alabama Student Conference

The Roots of American OrderWhat holds America together? The abundance of natural resources and navigable waterways conducive to economic prosperity? Our form of government, carefully designed to preserve the rights of its citizens to life, liberty, and property? The fundamental values of personal responsibility, moral order, and the rule of law?

Russell Kirk once said that America’s roots “go deep” and therefore must “be watered from time to time.”

Join us as we do exactly that, turning to Kirk’s Roots of American Order for guidance as we journey through past civilizations, peoples, and ideas. We will study the permanent things as manifest in five representative cities: Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and Philadelphia. Here we find the wellspring for the ideas that have shaped and defined the American experiment.

“Those who neglect the roots of order are compelled to water those roots desperately—after wandering in the parched wasteland of disorder. Upon our knowledge of those roots may depend what sort of order America and the world will have by the end of this century.” —Russell Kirk, The Roots of American Order

This conference is all-expenses-paid. We will book your travel when you register. As long as the form is live there are still spots available. We are filling up quickly, so reserve your spot now!

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