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Alejandro “Alex” Chafuen


Things to know about Alejandro

Alejandro “Alex” Chafuen is Managing Director, International, of the Acton Institute and founder of the Hispanic American Center for Economic Research. He is a past president of the Atlas Network. A graduate of Grove City College and the Argentine Catholic University in Buenos Aires, he also holds a PhD in economics from International College, California. Dr. Chafuen writes a regular column for Forbes on economic policy and international issues. As well as publishing articles in other newspapers ranging from the Wall Street Journal to La Nacion, he is the author of Faith and Liberty, which has been published in several languages and in different editions in Spain, Poland, and Italy.

Dr. Chafuen is a member of the advisory board of the Social Affairs Unit (UK), as well as a member of the Mont Pelerin Society and the Philadelphia Society. He is on the governing board of several think tanks, including the Fraser Institute in Canada, the Center for Legal Integrity, and the Chase Foundation of Virginia, and he is a trustee of Grove City College.