Science, Scientism, and Society

Genetics, artificial intelligence, climate change, vaccinations . . . There’s a lot of scientific debate, both for and against.

But is science being used for the benefit of human beings, or against them?

In The Abolition of Man, C. S. Lewis writes that “the serious magical endeavour and the serious scientific endeavour are twins.”

Like any other discipline of study, science is a tool of understanding. And like any tool, it can serve—or harm—human flourishing.

In this online conference, you’ll explore Lewis’s theme and understand the role of science in human flourishing.


  • “Science and Scientism in the Age of COVID-19: Wisdom from C. S. Lewis,” Dr. John G. West, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
  • “AI: Menace or Savior?” Dr. Robert J. Marks II, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Baylor University
  • “Hope from Science: Evidence for a Purposeful Universe,” Dr. Brian Miller, Center for Science and Culture, Discovery Institute

Recorded May 16, 2020.

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