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Conservative Conversations with ISI: On Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

Clarence Thomas is the longest-serving justice on the current U.S. Supreme Court.

He remains the most controversial—loved by some, reviled by others.

Thomas is also the quiet justice: he almost never asks questions from the bench and rarely speaks publicly.

But documentary filmmaker Michael Pack secured unprecedented access to Clarence Thomas . . .

. . . and now you can hear the inside story.

This episode of Conservative Conversations with ISI features Pack, the producer and director of the acclaimed film Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words.

Pack interviewed Justice Thomas and Thomas’s wife, Virginia, for more than 30 hours—the longest interview any Supreme Court justice has ever given.

Created Equal has been hailed as “a marvel of filmmaking” (Washington Post), as offering “rare insight into the mind of a justice known for his reticence on the public stage” (Time), and as a “stunning documentary” (Townhall).

Recorded April 29, 2020.

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