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The Gay Jihad: The Brain and Brawn of Anti-Christianity

The human brain is very complicated; it takes a lot of work to master this apparatus. Our hands and vocal cords are relatively simple tools; they’re operable with very little effort, and even those of us with damage to our brains can do the clapping, shouting—and voting—that make a difference in the world.

So when rebellion rears its head against an old oppressive rule, it’s always easier to clap our hands and shout for joy than to stop and think. But “rebels” aren’t always what they seem. We know how things seem by using our sensitive organs (eyes, ears, etc), not our brains (which have no physical sensitivity at all). Again, the brain is difficult to use, and most don’t bother with it, since they’ve got so many other, easier tools available for use. But the brain is easy to misuse, by using it as if it were only another simple tool like our hands and vocal cords. Sensitive people aren’t much concerned with things that don’t seem right, let alone the many things (abstractions like Life, Liberty and Happiness) which don’t seem at all. These things are what the brain is for: the complicated and important things that make simple, sensitive people yawn.

In Syria the “freedom-fighters” who oppose the tyrant Assad are lauded by our media and offered military means to victory by our government. Here in the US, the “freedom-fighters” of the gay movement are similarly praised for their efforts to achieve “civil rights” for their community, while all their economic, cultural and even private actions are lining up to receive protections from our government. There is much clapping and shouting being put into these issues, but very little thought.

And here is where hypocrisy comes in. Muslim Syrian rebels and American gays are shouting words that rightly belong in the domain of the brain. “Liberty!” “Love!” “Rights!” “Justice!” These words are just as complicated and abstract as the brains that think them through. And I’m supposed to clap and shout along with gays and rebels? I’m supposed to use my body to serve ideas from another brain? Thanks, but I’ll do my own thinking if you don’t mind.

Speaking of bodies, there are hundreds of Christian ones lying full of bullet-holes in Syria, mowed down by Muslim “freedom-fighters” wearing Obama-funded armor. Speaking of minds, two Christian bishops who spoke their minds about the brutality of Muslim rebels are now being held hostage by these rebels until the Church can raise enough money to ransom their leaders (which will of course supply the funds for the next Muslim onslaught against Syrian Christians). Funny enough, Christians and Muslims lived side by side, more or less in peace, under the tyrant Assad. But the rebellion has become an opportunity for radical Islam—not to shuck off an old oppressor—but to gain the power to oppress.

Here in America, the gay movement has similar tactics. Unlike the earthy Muslim extremists, however, the gay movement does not directly attack the body quite so often as the mind, denying that the two are one and making of the mind a god which has a dictatorial power over the body. For instance, an eight-year-old Californian boy can make his mind up that his body shouldn’t be the way it is. His mind is to his body as the gay movement would be to mankind; a god on whose shoulders rests all the responsibility of omnipotence. If he thinks he is a girl, then his body must suffer the drastic changes that his mind dictates. The Gay movement has emptied words like “marriage,” “male” and “female” of their concrete applications, making of them pure abstractions to be filled in like the “sex” box on an application form.

The gay movement in America doesn’t just want to stop the normative Christian ethics of marriage from oppressing gays; it wants to get these traditions out of the way so as to make it possible for gays to oppress those who don’t adhere to their own worldview. Syrian “freedom fighters” aren’t fighting to be free of Assad’s oppression; they are fighting to get Assad out of the way so that they themselves can be free to oppress their own enemy.

These two “rebellions” have a common enemy: Christians. In America and Syria alike the rebels are succeeding. If this means “marriage” as we know it in America must be cut off, like the penis of a transgender adolescent, or the head of a Syrian Christian, then let oppression thrive, as long as it is our oppression.

And so I’m joining another rebellion: the defense Christianity. We are the few who shuck off the old oppressive rule of those who want to do our thinking for us. My body’s breaking free of the mind of Muslim Syria and Gay America, and fleeing back to my own American and Christian mind. If the culture war was won by the enemy, it’s now time for a culture rebellion. This is a battle of wits. And while we think, our bodies await the orders of our brains. Why are we clapping? What are we shouting? How are we voting?

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