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What Happened to the Boy Scouts?

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The Latest in Leftist Education: Critical Media Literacy

You probably know about critical theory, but have you ever heard of critical media literacy (CML)?

CML is a new form of education that combines Marxism, postmodernism, and intersectionality.

Its founders believe that “all media, numbers, words, images, or sounds are social constructions,” and they promote lessons like “Black Lives Matter and Climate Change: What’s the Connection?”

It’s a clear distortion of true education . . .

And it’s being pushed in schools across the country.

John D. Sailer unpacks the Left’s new education agenda in his latest for City Journal and exposes the subtle ways CML is infiltrating the classroom.

You may think CML is on the fringes and will never catch on…

Read Sailer’s article and he might just change your mind.



An Elegy for the Boy Scouts

Did you know that Gerald Ford, Neil Armstrong, and Steven Spielberg were all Eagle Scouts?

For decades, the Boy Scouts were known for their promotion of old-fashioned values, leadership training, and unique ability to help brutish boys become virtuous and successful men.

In 1972, the Boy Scouts had 6.5 million members . . .

. . . by 1998 it had fallen to 4.8 million.

Today membership is below 800,000.

What happened to the Boy Scouts?

Writing for Law & Liberty, Mark Pulliam explains how years of pressure by progressives slowly destroyed the Boy Scouts from the inside out.

This essay is a touching tribute to one of America’s greatest civil institutions.

It’s also a chilling reminder of how dangerous it can be to “get with the times.”


Because our student editors and writers are bravely bringing conservative ideas to their campuses, we’re highlighting their efforts here.

How to Get Canceled with Dignity via the Pepperdine Beacon

Students Hold Press Conference Against Mask Mandate via the Miami Patriot



Six Habits of Effective Journalists

You’ve probably noticed that many modern journalists aren’t exactly a tribute to their profession.

They seem more concerned with selling their opinions than finding and reporting the facts.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a real journalist, Kelly Jane Torrance, New York Post editorial board member, is here to help.

In this classic from the Intercollegiate Review, Kelly lays out six tips and skills every good journalist should know. For example:

  • How mundane chores like grocery shopping can lead you to front-page news
  • Why you should never stop cultivating your contacts
  • How clever writing can kill a good story

Consider this article a go-to source, whether you’re an aspiring journalist or just someone who wants to know what good journalism looks like.


ISI’s 15th Annual Gala for Western Civilization, September 16

In a time when the Western tradition is demonized, it’s important to celebrate the timeless principles that have been handed down to us.

That’s why ISI is proud to host our 15th annual Gala for Western Civilization.

You’re invited to join us Thursday, September 16, at the historic Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

You and hundreds of other ISI friends and supporters will come together to recognize the leaders, thinkers, and students who are fighting to preserve the Western tradition today.

And if you’re an ISI alum under 30, registration is only $50!

At the Gala, you’ll hear from:

  • Hillsdale College president Larry P. Arnn, who will give the keynote address
  • Philanthropist Diana Davis Spencer, who will receive ISI’s Charles H. Hoeflich Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Professor emeritus and author Daniel J. Mahoney, who will receive ISI’s Faculty Award

The Gala for Western Civilization is more than just a fancy, fun-filled evening. It’s also a way to stand up for the Western tradition when it’s under attack.


“Guard against profitless grumbling, and from calumny withhold your tongues; for a stealthy utterance will not go unpunished, and a lying mouth destroys the soul.”

―The Book of Wisdom


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