7 Steps to Starting a Campus Reading Group [Infographic]

So you’re thinking about starting a group on your campus.

You love discussions and you’re passionate about a number of topics.

Where do you start? Will it take more time than you can handle? Will people still be showing up three weeks in?

These are all good questions, but starting a sustainable campus group doesn’t have to feel like an assignment, and it doesn’t need to be a part-time job either. This infographic breaks down the seven steps you can take to launch a group that is both fun and enriching. 

Starting a Campus Society? 

Want to defend freedom of speech at your school, bring together principled conservative students and professors, discuss big ideas, bring prominent speakers to campus, and stand up for truth and intellectual diversity in an increasingly hostile campus climate?

We can help. 

Intercollegiate Studies Institute Societies stand up for the free exchange of ideas and the principles that make America free and prosperous. We can provide you with the funding and mentorship you need to get started. Learn more about how to start your society today! 

Start a Society

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Your time at college is too important to get a shallow education in which viewpoints are shut out and rigorous discussion is shut down.

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