Writers Workshop Webinar: Poetry Edition

November 08-13, 2022
7:00pm EST

"Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood." T.S. Eliot

Writing is an extremely personal act. Though it can feel daunting, good writers know that sharing their unfinished work with others is a crucial component of improving their craft. If interested in honing your creative poetry skills, apply to join poet and critic Jane Scharl for a four session poetry workshop! Students will have the opportunity to attend poetry annotation lectures and workshop two personal poems in a group setting. 

Poetry Workshop Overview

Four 1.5 hour Zoom sessions


November 8th

November 22nd

December 6th

December 13th


Each session will follow this format: 

  • 15-minute annotation lecture, in which the mentor “annotates” a great poem (or two) while students watch and listen. The annotation will explore elements of poetry that the mentor has noticed within the students’ poems for the day’s workshop, so during this lecture, the mentor will introduce and use language, observations, and techniques that students will imitate during the workshop. 
  • Four 15-minute workshop sessions, with a 3-minute flex in between for wrap-up and response. These sessions will be divided into two “blocks” of Sessions 1 & 2, and Sessions 3 & 4. Each student will have a poem workshopped during each block.

During the course of the workshop, students will receive feedback on three poems, and will attend four short lectures introducing poetic concepts, techniques, and forms.

Student Expectations

Each student will have two poems worked on in the group workshop, one in the first two sessions and one in the second two sessions. The second poem for workshop will be written after the first one has been workshopped, so students have a chance to incorporate new skills and techniques. 

Students will have one essay to read in preparation for each session (from one of three essential handbooks: Poetry as Persuasion, Rhyme’s Reason, and Poetic Meter and Poetic Form). The mentor will provide guiding questions to accompany the essay assignment, and students are expected to have thought about answers to those questions as they read. They do not need to write down their answers, merely be prepared to discuss during the workshop.

Application Process

Students will apply by submitting two poems, along with a brief biographical statement detailing his or her previous experience with poetry, favorite poets, and literary aspirations. (NOTE: This biographical statement will *not* be reviewed as part of the application packet. Applications will be evaluated on the strength of the poems alone. These statements will only be used to assist in preparing lectures and in mentor feedback.) One of the two poems will be workshopped in the first round (first two sessions), while the second will receive private written feedback from the mentor. 

Though this workshop is geared towards undergraduate students, grad student applications will be considered. Space is limited. Application deadline is September 2nd.

Jane Scharl

J.C. Scharl is a poet and critic. Her poetry has appeared in many American and European outlets, including the BBC, The Hudson Review, The New Ohio Review, The American Journal of Poetry, The Lamp, Measure Review, and others. Her criticism has appeared in Dappled Things, Fare Forward, Plough Quarterly, and others. She is a Senior Editor at The European Conservative. See samples of her work at jcscharl.com, and on Twitter @jcscharl. 

Apply Now!

Contact Josie McDonell at jmcdonell@isi.org with any questions.

Reach out to Josie McDonell at jmcdonell@isi.org with any questions.