Toward Tech Advancement or Tyranny?: A Weekend Conference for College Students

October 29-31, 2022
Dallas, TX

Toward Tech Advancement or Tyranny?: Liberty, Human Flourishing, and the Soul

Technology has transformed human societies, changing the way that we relate to each other and how we approach the tasks of daily living. As early as the introduction of the wheel and early irrigation, technology has undoubtedly improved human outcomes, made our lives easier, and opened new opportunities. It has also pushed us to think about what it means to be a human being. Technology threatens to take the place of human work across various industries, and can even be used to simulate other essential human functions, or alter the human form altogether. These concerns are at the heart of questions of human flourishing. How can technological innovation improve our worldly experience without corrupting the essence of human life — the soul?

Join ISI in Dallas, TX on October 28-30 to discuss these fundamental and important questions: how does technology offer ways to advance human well-being? How can the free market encourage technological innovation that sets America apart? Can technology threaten to change human nature? Hear from leading writers, thinkers and technological practitioners. More speakers to be announced soon.

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