Society Leaders’ Conference

February 04-06, 2022
The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, FL

Society Leaders' Conference: American Identity in the Age of Identity Politics


You know that when it comes to identity politics, there’s no place worse than a university campus.

You’ve seen it — diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) departments are growing on virtually every campus. And whole departments are now dedicated to maligning America itself as irredeemably bigoted.

The most pernicious threat to academic integrity may be Critical Race Theory. CRT shows students of all ages an account of American history that is, at best, a misrepresentation, and, at worst, an outright lie. CRT-based curriculums like the 1619 Project have been disputed by numerous historians, but they’re still taught to thousands of students.

How do we teach students a real understanding of what it means to be an American and why America is worth celebrating when the American identity carries so much baggage on our country’s campuses?

On Feb. 4-6, ISI student leaders from dozens of campuses across the country will join together at Amelia Island, Florida, for the Society Leaders’ Conference focused on “American Identity in the Age of Identity Politics.” Students will participate in a weekend of seminars and panels headed by scholars who want to help conservative students answer these salient questions that are defining their college experiences.

These ISI society leaders show courage on campus everyday by guiding other students toward truth and virtue instead of relativism. ISI faculty and staff will help students create flourishing societies rooted in a tradition of liberty for generations to come.

Society leaders are invited to apply below. 



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Current and future society leaders are invited to apply for this conference.
Applications are due by midnight on December 11th.

Contact Elizabeth Newman at with any questions.