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The Geography of Good and Evil

Philosophical Investigations


Do good and evil exist? Absolutely.

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Do good and evil exist? Absolutely.

In this bracing book, the eminent Dutch philosopher Andreas Kinneging turns fashionable thinking on its head, revealing how good and evil are objective, universal, and unchanging—and how they must be rediscovered in our age.

At a time when the traditional virtues have practically disappeared from our language (that is, all but one—“tolerance”), Kinneging lays out the foundations of virtue and vice. He reveals the lasting significance of these seemingly archaic notions—to our own lives, to our families, to our culture, and to civilization.

The Geography of Good and Evil establishes Andreas Kinneging as one of our wisest moral philosophers.

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“With erudition equaled only by clarity, Professor Kinneging reveals the shallowness of modern liberal and (alas) conservative thought.” —Theodore Dalrymple, author of Our Culture, What’s Left of It

“Shows with utmost clarity the virtue of intellectual courage . . . A brilliant model for sallies against our dark age.” —The Intercollegiate Review

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