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The Critical Legacy of Irving Babbitt

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The Critical Legacy of Irving Babbitt is an unsurpassed appreciation of a major American critic and diagnostician of the modern social order. Panichas reveals Babbitt’s criticism to be uncompromising and controversial, impelled by moral concerns and imperatives—the ultimate problems of life, literature, and thought. This work is also a useful introduction to the writings of Babbitt, the New Humanist scholar and teacher of T. S. Eliot.

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“[R]ecommended very highly.”

“Panichas rescues Babbitt from his most glib critics and demonstrates once again the power and range of Babbitt’s mind. Babbitt’s courage and insight shine through clearly in these essays.”
The Southern Partisan

“[A] reverent yet frank portrait of a man whose ideas have left an indelible impact on the history of American thought.”
Ohioana Quarterly

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