How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century

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“Nothing short of horrifying . . . Dupes may be one of the most significant literary offerings of our time.” —Washington Times

“A detailed, riveting history of those who secretly served the enemy. Not to be missed!” —PETER SCHWEIZER, bestselling author of Clinton Cash and Secret Empires

Uncovering previously unpublished FBI files and documents from the Soviet archives, bestselling historian Paul Kengor exposes the legions of liberals who have unwittingly aided America’s adversaries—from the Bolshevik Revolution through the Cold War and right up to the present.

Now in paperback with an updated introduction.

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One of the most troubling aspects of American history has gone largely unnoticed: the persistent role of the dupe.

Bestselling author Paul Kengor exposes the legions of liberals who have unwittingly aided America’s most dangerous opponents over the past century. Based on never-before-published FBI files, Soviet archives, and other primary sources, Dupes shows in frightening detail how U.S. adversaries exploit the American home front.

In this startling, intensively researched book, Kengor shows not only how such dupes contributed to history’s most destructive ideology—Communism, which claimed at least 100 million lives—but also why they are so relevant to today’s politics.

Dupes reveals:

  • Shocking reports on how Senator Ted Kennedy secretly approached the Soviet leadership to undermine not one but two American presidents
  • The stunning evidence of the extensive Communist ties of Frank Marshall Davis—mentor to a young Barack Obama
  • Jimmy Carter’s woeful record dealing with America’s two chief foes of the past century, Communism and Islamism
  • Today’s dupes, including the congressmen whose overseas anti-American propaganda trip was allegedly financed by foreign intelligence
  • How Franklin Roosevelt was duped by “Uncle Joe” Stalin—and by a top adviser who may have been a Soviet agent—despite clear warnings from fellow Democrats
  • How John Kerry’s accusations that American soldiers committed war crimes in Vietnam may have been the product of Soviet disinformation
  • The many Hollywood stars who were duped, including Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Katharine Hepburn, Gene Kelly—and even Ronald Reagan
  • Soviet records that demonstrate beyond doubt the Communists’ expansionist aims and their targeting of American liberals, especially academics and the Religious Left
  • How liberals still defend the same Communists who trashed Democratic icons like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK—and still attack the anti-Communists who tried to spare them from manipulation
  • Details on many other dupes (and dupers), including Arthur Miller, Dr. Benjamin Spock, John Dewey, H. G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Lillian Hellman, Howard Zinn, Walter Cronkite, and Helen Thomas

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“Nothing short of horrifying . . . In terms of putting the last 100 years in perspective, Dupes may be one of the most significant literary offerings of our time.” —Washington Times

“Kengor’s illustrations of dupery in his new book are plentiful. . . . Perhaps most importantly, Kengor places the ‘dupe’ phenomenon beyond its Cold War context, linking it to current events such as Islamic terrorism.” —Human Events

“A brilliant work . . . Read Dupes from cover to cover. It’s that important.” —WorldNetDaily

“Bears witness to how digging for detail can yield not only clues to the past, but insights for the present. . . .With Dupes, [Kengor] has written the most exhaustive and definitive account of Communism’s twentieth-century assault on America to date. It is a story that flows with virtual seamlessness into the defining conflict of the new century and millennium—the threat of Islamism.” —Townhall.com

“This book masterfully documents dupes in the U.S. from [Capitol] Hill to . . . Hollywood.” —Big Hollywood

“A significant addition to our historical understanding of the past hundred years—not to be missed by either the Right or the Left.” —Dinesh D’Souza, bestselling author of What’s So Great About America

“A book so fascinating and so revealing that I couldn’t put it down.” —Burton Folsom Jr., author of New Deal or Raw Deal?

“A great contribution . . . Peels back the layers of lies and obfuscation the American Left has used for years.” —Larry Schweikart, bestselling author of A Patriot’s History of the United States

“An enormously important book . . . that left me amazed and a bit frightened.” —Fred Barnes, executive editor of the Weekly Standard

“A detailed, riveting history of those who secretly served the enemy. Not to be missed!” —Peter Schweizer, bestselling author of Clinton Cash and Secret Empires

“Face it. You are going to have to read this book.” —Michael Novak, American Enterprise Institute

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