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How to Stay Conservative in College

Let’s face it: being conservative at most colleges today is tough.

Leftist ideas are more popular and get more support from faculty and administration, while conservative ideas are ignored or attacked. Conservative students tend to be mocked, shouted down, and even bullied.

How do you navigate that kind of climate? This free ebook shows you how.

“ISI fosters the learning environment that many of the best universities have failed to preserve.”
- Isabella Heshmatpour, Barnard College
“I’m grateful for the instruction I received at Harvard, but my education would not have been complete without ISI.”
- James Holt, Harvard alumnus
“ISI has given me opportunities I never dreamed of while providing me with an intellectual experience like no other.”
- Maria Biery, University of Pennsylvania alumna
“The rich conversations at ISI conferences made me realize why I went to university.”
- Emily Rose Mitchell, Rhodes College
“ISI is a treasure trove for jaded students who seek the intellectual stimulation many colleges fail to provide.”
- Marlo Safi, University of Pittsburgh

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