11 Essential Conservative Thinkers You Won't Read in College (But Should)

Imagine your classroom experience introduced you to the full range of important thinkers, not just the progressive ones.

Chances are you’ve read something by Karl Marx or Friedrich Engels (and it’s good you did). Maybe you’ve even read Foucault or Chomsky. But what about leading thinkers on the right?

Have you ever heard the names Frédéric Bastiat, Russell Kirk, or William F. Buckley Jr.?

These make it into very few classrooms—and when they do, they’re often dismissed as rigid ideologues or racist bigots. But Bastiat was renowned for his defense of human rights, Kirk for his work in the genealogy of conservative thought, and Buckley for his provocative interviews with thinkers of every stripe.
If you ignore thinkers on the right, you won’t understand how certain core ideas like individual liberty and free enterprise shaped America. And you won’t fully grasp the heated debates that dominate our culture today.

This eBook introduces you to 11 essential conservative thinkers spanning three centuries and hailing from several countries. They often disagree with each other. You’ll disagree with some of them too. But in getting to know them, you’ll get the education you deserve.